Corporate Internet Banking - FAQs

What is ABKnet?

ABKnet is our powerful user-friendly online banking service that helps corporate customers view account statements and to execute banking transactions like internal transfer, local payments, international payments, salary payments, etc. from their desktops.

What are the security features of ABKnet?


Following security measures have been adopted used to strengthen system security to protect customer data:

Where can I get more information about ABKnet?

How can we get an access to ABKnet for our Corporate accounts?


For ABKnet access, customer needs to hold a current account with ABK and submit the Corporate Internet Banking agreement to your Relationship Manager or Cash Management Team. Upon receiving the agreement signed by the authorized signatory(ies) of the company, Bank will enroll the nominated users. Each user will receive login credentials on their registered email (specified in the agreement) as part of the password protected attachment.


To open the attachment, user must enter their registered mobile number (specified in the agreement) as password. User should print the second page of the attachment i.e. Acknowledgement Form, and should fill up and sign it and send to the Bank for enabling the user. User will not be able to login unless the Acknowledgement Form is received by the bank.


Bank will send a confirmation email to user upon enabling the account. Please click here to login to ABKnet.

Whom should I contact for any queries after submitting the agreement or for any operational issues regarding ABKnet?

What is One-Time Password (OTP)?


ABKnet requires combination of two set of passwords for login, a static/permanent password set by user and a One-Time Password (OTP). OTP is a dynamic password feature introduced as an additional security layer on ABKnet to protect your account. OTP is a randomly generated unique six-digit numeric code either sent by bank to your registered mobile number via SMS or generated by Secure Soft Token App. OTP is required for ABKnet login and for authorizing all types of payments & transfers, password reset, beneficiary creation, etc.

What is SMS OTP?


SMS OTP is a feature through which bank generated a random six-digit numeric OTP code and delivers it to your registered mobile number via SMS.

What is Secure Soft Token?


Secure Soft Token is an App installed on your Smartphone which will generate a random six-digit numeric OTP code. Secure Soft Token App is linked to a token number through which random OTP is generated and they are unique as they cannot be duplicated from any other Secure Soft Token App.

Do I need to have both SMS OTP and Secure Soft Token for transacting on ABKnet?


You do not need to have both SMS OTP and Secure Soft Token but either of the one OTP method will be sufficient.

How can I get an access to Secure Soft Token App?


Cash Management team will help you in setting up the access to Secure Soft Token App on your Smartphone provided your Smartphone operating system is iOS (iPhone) or Android. If your Smartphone operating system is not iOS or Android then we cannot setup Secure Soft Token App.

What will happen to Secure Soft Token App if I am changing the Smartphone?


You can change your smartphone but you will have to contact Cash Management team which will help you in installing the Secure Soft Token App on your new Smartphone and activate the App.

What if I am not receiving OTP on my registered mobile number or facing issues with accessing Secure Soft Token App on Smartphone?


We request you to contact our Cash Management Team at

Which SMS OTP should be used if I receive multiple SMS OTP's?


You should use the latest OTP received on your mobile number.

How can I access my ABKnet account if I do not receive SMS OTP?


You will not be able to login to ABKnet without a valid OTP so, please contact the Cash Management Team at

Upon entering OTP get an error on ABKnet as invalid OTP?


For the users receiving OTP via SMS, use the latest OTP received on your mobile and for users that are using Secure Soft Token, ensure that you are entering correct OTP. If issue persists then please contact the Cash Management Team at

Can I use the same OTP multiple times?


No. OTP is a dynamic password and is valid only for the single transaction only.

What is the process to be followed for forgotten/expired password?


If you do not remember your password or a password has expired, contact your system administrator to reset your password or contact your Cash Management Team (

What are the various modes of fund transfer available through Corporate Internet Banking (ABKnet)?


ABKnet offers one-to-one funds transfer to ABK and Non-ABK Bank accounts. You can transfer funds to multiple beneficiaries using Bulk File Upload through Corporate Internet Banking.

Is there any specific format for funds transfer and salary payments using the Bulk Upload feature?


Yes. Please contact the Cash Management Team at to get the file format.

Is there any payment amount limit for the funds that can be transferred through ABKnet?


Yes. You can specify user-level and transaction-level limits. The fund transfer amount limit can be specified for each of the debit accounts. You can also specify a fund transfer limit for each of your authorised users too. This is similar to assigning cheque signing powers to authorised signatories.

What is to be done when the customer gets the message "oops error or 404 error "?


Due to technical issue, if customers are getting oops error or 404 error then capture the screen shot of the error message & date and time stamp of the error occurrence and send an e-mail to corporate support team at

What if I get an error message "Unable to login due to invalid credentials"?


User should enter the correct user name and password during login and if either of the user name or password is incorrect then will get the above error. If you are unable to remember the login credentials then please contact the Cash Management Team at

Can I transfer funds through ABKnet to other banks in Kuwait?


Yes, you can transfer funds to other local banks in Kuwait through Local Payment option available on ABKnet.

Can I use ABKnet for international payments?


Yes, you can transfer funds to your overseas beneficiaries in all the popular foreign currencies. The international payments are routed via SWIFT.

How many approvers can approve a payments and transfers on ABKnet?


ABKnet supports multi-level approvals. You can specify the number of approval levels required for each type of payment by account. The transaction will be submitted to bank for processing only after it has been approved by the final approver.

Can I send payment without registering a beneficiary on ABKnet?


No, payment can only be sent to a registered beneficiary therefore, you need to first register a beneficiary before you can send a payment to them.

How to register my beneficiary?


Navigate to menu option Transactions > Transaction Support Services > Add/Edit Beneficiary. Click on Add Beneficiary and enter the Beneficiary Details.

How can I upgrade/change transaction access?


Any changes in the transaction access should be submitted through Corporate Internet Banking agreement. Fill the details of transaction access required for each user by providing per transaction limits for each payment type in the agreement which has to be signed by the authorised signatories and submit it to your relationship manager or Cash Management Team.


Note: If the transaction limits are not specified then they will be set as zero.

What is the process for linking Own-to-Own accounts?


Submit a letter on your Company's letterhead, signed by the authorised signatories, to your relationship manager or Cash Management Team

The letter should mention:

How can we create a new user?


Please submit the signed Corporate Internet Banking agreement with the details of new user along with the required transaction access to your relationship manager or Cash Management Team.

What is process of linking your subsidiary accounts?

Note: The linked accounts can be viewed online after 2 working days.

What are the timings for Local and International transactions through Corporate Internet Banking?


The cut- off timings for local and international transactions is as follows:


 Transaction Timings



Sunday to Thursday

8:00 AM to 02:00 PM

Requests received before 11:30 AM will be processed with same day value date

8:00 AM to 02:00 PM

Requests received before 01:30 PM will be processed with same day value date


Note: Local and International payments are not processed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Bank holidays. In case the beneficiary bank has a holiday, the account will be credited on the next business day.