ABKnet Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy
We respect the trust that you put in us by choosing to do business with us. In turn we ensure the security and safety of the confidential information that is provided by you. With this strong sense of responsibility we earnestly try to keep faith in us by protecting your financial details we abide by some very firm Privacy Policies.

All the information that we seek from our customers is only to help provide them with the best service possible and always try to keep the information that is entrusted to us, confidential. We do not divulge your information to any unauthorized third party to ensure that they do not gains access to your account and misuse it.

We are however obliged to reveal the necessary details of your account to the Government or Judicial bodies, or any law enforcement entity under the requirements of any applicable law binding on the Bank or any of its branches. Other than that we try our best to safeguard your transaction and personal details by enforcing the following policies:

  • Only authorized employees have access to the sensitive information, and these employees are specially trained to handle information of this nature so that you can be assured of its confidentiality.
  • Customer information is not divulged to any unknown and unauthorized person or external organization. If we do, it is only after we have clearly informed our customer in forms of disclosures and agreements and have been issued the permission to do so by the customer. In case of any binding law however, we are obliged to comply.
  • The confidentiality of the customer’s private information is not compromised by keeping a close control over the account access. We may however provide offers from some companies but only in the event that the customers themselves have expressed interest in their products or services. They however do not have the permission to use or retain any customer information unless so specified by the user.
  • When other companies are hired for some support services, we will ensure that they too abide by the privacy policies of the Bank and conduct regular audits to make sure that they are following them.
  • We will strive to constantly evaluate ourselves to ensure that the Privacy Policies are never neglected and are given their due respect.
  • We urge you to update all information provided by you in case of any changes which will only help us serve you better in the long run. Alerts and notification will make your online banking experience more beneficial and efficient.
  • Our pledge is to stand by and run our business within the boundaries of our Privacy Policy in as many jurisdictions in which we conduct our business and operate.