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Our corporate internet banking platform, known as ABKnet, is a gateway to effective financial management. It is the future of business online; we made it simpler to manage your payments, receivables, liquidity and the changing value of your assets with one secure, solution. It is designed to help you increase productivity, manage your cash flow and connect with your staff, companies and markets.


ABKnet puts you in control of your internal security with flexible administration options to make your online experience efficient and secure. You can determine which information or application is available to each staff member. By managing access to tools and report options, you can streamline internal processes and improve your operational efficiency.


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Account Management


ABKnet will give controlled online access to your entities accounts through single sign-on. This will help you in monitoring account positions on real-time basis, view and download the account statement in different file formats, such as PDF, TXT, XLS, MT940, MT950, as well as K-net transaction reports.


Payments and Transfers


ABKnet enables you to make and receive payments and transfers to beneficiaries within ABK or outside ABK i.e. locally or internationally, in all major currencies. Also, you can submit salary payment from online. Through ABKnet, you can control the creation of beneficiaries, set transaction limits and assign transaction matrix for each type of payments.


Salary Payments


ABKnet lets you make payments to your employees towards salary, bonus and allowances. Salaries can be made to both your employees having account with ABK and other banks. You can avail the option of reporting details of salary payment to Ministry of Social Affairs and Labours.


Trade Finance Services


Initiate trade transactions from ABKnet and access real-time trade account information at your convenience with ABKnet. Use ABKnet to access the details of your import and export trade transactions, documentary credits (DCs), and Guarantees. Apply for import DCs and make amendments online. Create import bill instructions and view details of outstanding import bills. Accept or reject bills and submit settlement instructions ‐ all from the convenience of your computer. Moreover, users can view export bills and DC advices online.